2015 Marks the Global Launch of the Preconception to Infancy (P2i) Program

Over the past five years, The Forum has been focused on exploring expansive health initiatives, cultivating ideas, solving problems, and bringing together physicians and scientists from around the world. And now, we’ve entered into an exciting new phase – the global launch of our P2i Program.

P2i is uniquely positioned for success through the development of programs targeted at these primary audiences:

Medical Professionals: Our faculty members represent a combined fund of knowledge that far exceeds any pediatric health protocol in existence today. These distinguished individuals are vital to teaching our P2i Protocol to as many medical professionals as possible over the next five years.

The Public: Our P2i Virtual Campus will allow parents, the public, and medical professionals to have access to the latest information on preconception to infancy information and protocols. And, prospective parents as well as moms and dads, can learn about the best products and services to ensure their child will thrive through all stages of life.

Transforming Future Generations of Children: Through our Preconception to Infancy program, we have the tools in place to effectively treat, and in many cases eradicate, such chronic childhood health conditions as attention deficit disorder, autism, bi-polar disorder, epilepsy, celiac, dyspraxia and serious food allergies.

The P2i Program is transformational and can save future generations of children from the rising tide of chronic illnesses. Allowing children to reach their full potential is a truly inspiring prospect and will establish a global legacy of health for generations to come. Please join us in celebrating the beginning of this collaborative venture!