MamaKissingBabyThe Numbers Are Devastating

In the U.S., the miscarriage rate is now 31% and the preterm birth rate 12%. By the time they reach the age of five, more than 40% of American children will be found to suffer from chronic health conditions such as cancer, attention deficit disorder, autism, bi-polar disorder, epilepsy, celiac, dyspraxia or serious food allergies. In other words, when an American woman conceives, the probability that she will carry her baby to term and that it will not suffer from chronic conditions barely exceeds one in three.

We Already Know How To Fix This Problem

There is no reason – much less any need – to tolerate this situation. The scientific and medical communities already know what to do. Relevant, peer-reviewed scientific studies and careful clinical practice have been conducted over many years. They demonstrate that a high incidence of problem pregnancies and a high incidence of serious, chronic disorders among children are likely in large measure the common result of environmental factors. They also demonstrate that when women, before and during pregnancy, and their infants, during their first two years, follow a regimen based on toxin avoidance, proper nutrition and healthy lifestyle choices and individually calibrated to the individual’s biochemistry, the incidence both of poor pregnancy outcomes and of chronic disorders among the children is dramatically reduced. We call such a regimen a “P2i protocol”.

Preconception Counseling is National Policy

Not only is the science well documented, but preconception counseling is national policy. In 2006, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control concluded that principles of effective preconception care had been understood for years and that practitioners should routinely use some form of P2i protocol with patients who were considering a baby. The CDC then actually promulgated preconception care standards, which were widely publicized within the medical community (although not in the population at large).

But in spite of the CDC efforts, little is being done. On the whole, as the CDC has written, practitioners have simply not paid attention – and as a result, many pregnancies needlessly end badly and many children needlessly suffer from a serious, chronic disorder.

Practitioners’ compliance has stalled in part because they have felt no pressure from their patients to focus on biochemically precise detoxification and nutrition both before and during pregnancy. Patients, in turn, have not been in a position to pressure their doctors because no one told them about their options. Our work is to change that. We intend to make sure that P2i principles enjoy the widest and most effective exposure possible.

AfricanBabyinHandWe Are Going to Make Sure the World Knows.

We are sponsoring the development of a 3D virtual campus on line, where P2i-related information will be available to the world — mothers-to-be, medical professionals and everyone else. The virtual campus is slated to go live in Fall 2017 – and you are invited to visit! You will be able to attend conferences and lectures, browse the scientific and popular literature, locate P2i-trained practitioners, chat with other parents and parents-to-be – or just hang out.

Training for Medical Professionals

As time permits, we will provide P2i training for medical professionals. The launch of our Continuing Medical Education program was held in Portland, Oregon on April 11 and 12, 2015. Our CME materials will be regularly updated to reflect feedback from practitioners and results of new studies, and it will be available on the virtual campus.